Data jobs - export, import

SQL Database Studio export/import system is strongly based upon DbShell. It means that all exports/imports can be saved to job file, which can be easily modified and, eg. you could join jobs together or split large jobs into more smaller jobs.

Data transfer wizard

  • Editor for defining data transfer job
  • Job can be saved and modified/executed later
  • Job can consist of more steps


  • Export table data to CSV, HTML, TXT, MS Excel, SQL or local storage
  • Export data from single or multiple tables, from query result, from views
  • Generate DbShell templates


  • Import table data from CSV or other table/view
  • Import data from single or multiple tables
  • Generate DbShell templates

DbShell templates

  • Customize CSV export
  • Customize HTML export (you could easily defined HTML to be exported)
  • Export data to other database
  • Export all tables
  • Export binary fields
  • Create HTML documentation

Choose export format

Mapping of exported column

Editing DbShell job