Working with data

SQL Database Studio comes with very efficient and powerful data admin tools. With installation of SQL Database Studio, you will get also perfect  database administration tool. With SQL Database Studio master/detail views, you will see bindings and dependencies between database data much better than even before!

Data browser, reference views

  • Easy to use column filters
  • Sorting result sets
  • Master/detail views (detail views for each table are stored in database project)
  • Show/hide table columns
  • Ability to add columns from related tables
  • Lookups (preview of destination foreign key row), selecting rows from validation tables
  • Automatic master/detail views created from foreign keys
  • Column layout - ability to view columns from tables referenced by foreign keys

Table data view. Gray texts are lookups to destination tables

Showing master/detail view. In upper panel is master table (Genre), in bottom panel it's details (Track table).